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  • SRK99
    Indmar L96 6.0L ECM
    by SRK99
    Does anyone have a ECM wiring diagram for the L96 6.0. I'm looking for a connector pin out


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    Today, 04:52 AM
  • SteveCo
    RGB wire?
    by SteveCo
    I’ve got these wires that I assume are for the RGB lighting. Is this where I connect the RGB controller at if I want to add LED speaker lighting and use the touchscreen? I pulled a tower speaker and this wire was not there.

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    03-25-2023, 04:32 AM
  • SteveCo
    Which sub should I get?
    by SteveCo
    I have a new-to-me 2017 Z1 and although this boat originally came with a 10” sub, it has been replaced with a 12” Jensen (and everything else is wet sounds). Attached a pic of the amps but I am not sure of their models. I want to a net sun and not sure what to get that would be appropriate for the...
    03-25-2023, 04:39 AM
  • gumby
    2 Sets of custom rev 10s
    by gumby
    Up for sale is 2 sets of rev 10. They have all new mid base drivers, horns and cross overs. full RGB LED's they have been hydro dipped with 3 coats of automotive clear on them. The hydro dip is hear no, see no, speak no evil skulls. They will come with swivel clamps.and full RGB capabilities. I do not...
    03-24-2023, 12:44 AM
  • ARA
    24ve front ballast plans
    by ARA
    I have an 09 24ve that I love with Enzo’s on 1200 gpm tsunami pumps in rear lockers. No front ballast. I am getting ready to install a front sac. Think I have decided to stick with tsunami pumps. Wondering if anyone has advice or pics on where to locate the through hulls both fill and drain,where...
    02-11-2022, 10:30 PM