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  • dpickett
    Residue in strut left by bearings
    by dpickett
    I'm replacing my v drive, shaft, shaft seal, and bearings in my 2000 21V. After taking out the old brass/rubber cutlass bearings, there was residue left. It's so thick that it compressed the new Glide bearings to the point that I couldn't get the shaft through. The residue is pink and smooth (unlike...
    Yesterday, 01:59 AM
  • mikey82860
    21i trim actuators
    by mikey82860
    Have to change the trim plate actuators, 2001 21i. It appears that to get to the hydraulic lines/gauge wiring you have to remove the rear seat bulkhead and then the fuel tank. With the existing upper actuator mounts loosened there is no slack to pull back and remove the hydraulic line (and spice the...
    Yesterday, 06:07 PM
  • D&P Powell
    2024 Tige Reunion at Lake Havasu, Arizona
    by D&P Powell
    GREAT News! We have already started preparing for the 19th Annual West Coast Tige Owners Reunion. The event will once again be at the Havasu Springs Resort in Lake Havasu, AZ. We realize it's early, but we are trying to provide our participants the maximum amount of time...
    09-30-2023, 07:00 PM
  • Z21jspiker
    by Z21jspiker
    Hello All,

    I have 2022 Z1 that I need to change the special V-drive fluid for routine maintenance- Anyone know the best/easy way to do this? I assuming vacuum pump out then funnel back in?

    Also with colder weather coming up here in the NEPA, what is best way to winterize ballast...
    09-29-2023, 05:29 PM
  • flattrack
    Bent tracking fin - how much pressure to bend back
    by flattrack
    Bent this in a little sand bar drama. Did some research and looks like should be able to bend back without heat. Put a 24” pipe wrench on it (with rags on teeth) and not much happened. Also beat on it a bit with a dead blow. Same result. Worried I’ll break something else. Any ideas other than replace?...
    09-26-2023, 04:48 AM