Tigé Owners Map


Meet or ride with other Tigé boat owners in your area with the Tigé owners map.

To place your boat information on the map follow these steps:

  1. You must have a Google account to place your information on the map. Log in to your Google account, or set up a free Google account to access the map
  2. Go to The TigéOwners.com Map
  3. Click on the (Edit) button in the left pane that has all the names of people who have placed their locations on the map. * Be carefull editing this map as it is a public map. Any mistakes you make editing could change others information.
  4. Navigate to your boat/home location using the controls in the upper left of the map pane. You can also click and drag your mouse on the map to navigate to your boat/lake location.
  5. Click the blue pushpin icon, and place it on your location. When you do that, a box opens where you can name your location and add other information. Click 'Save' when done adding information. If you want to add a custom icon, click the pushpin icon in the upper right corner of the text box. Then, click Add an icon, and you will need to add the URL of where your icon photo is stored; you cannot upload a photo to be used. Click 'OK' when done, then click 'Save'.

If you need help or would like to discuss this please visit this thread.

Please do not edit the title or description of the map.