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Just received notification of a private message that doesn't exist...?

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    Just received notification of a private message that doesn't exist...?

    I just received the following:

    >>>begin included text<<<
    Dear IDBoating,

    Ally has sent you a private message. You can view the full message at:

    Here is a preview (may be truncated):
    Hi Richard, I’m planning to place an order for the Speedset control fix, can you confirm pricing and estimated ship time after placement of order?<br />
    thanks<br />

    All the best,
    >>>end included text<<<

    ...but when I go to that URL there is no such message, and it drops me into my InBox which also has no such message.

    Any recommendations?


    happened to me a few times. in both cases it was a reply to a pm that I had deleted. had to go back and find the thread and voila... there it was.
    another reason this forum software is kind of a trainwreck compared to other forums I frequent.... but can't bitch as I'm getting exactly what I'm paying for it
    2012 22ve.. RIP 4/17
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      I, and the receiver of a PM I sent both lost it. Just disappeared. He was able to read it once, I believe then it deleted, I guess. It doesn't show up in my sent or in the PM stream. The ones before and after do though. Strange.


        OK, thanks for the confirmations. I won't worry about it. It is an interesting bug in the forum software, though.

        BTW, don't think that this forum software is the only one with issues! One of the electronics forums I frequent just went through a meltdown of sorts. Historical threads disappeared, then reappeared, then got edited, lather rinse repeat. They tried going back to a backup copy of the database but that just made things even worse. They're still trying to sort it out.


          It is the same people who shut down the pipeline.