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A New Year For Mikes Liquid Audio

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    A New Year For Mikes Liquid Audio

    Some of you here in the Tige community might have seem my posts clearing out my demo gear ahead of some changes coming. Well, here as the changes as I have posted them to social media this AM.

    As we wake up this morning, we are greeted by a new year. Here at MLA, a new year is not the only change we are facing.

    I would like to take a moment and thank each and every customer that has allowed me the honor to serve your marine audio needs over the past 14 years. It’s truly been my pleasure. Over those years, I have worked with some great customers, some I consider friends. Eddie T, Mike T, Doug R, Tanner L, Mark M, Joe H, just to name a few. I have also gotten to know a few great industry insiders that I also consider friends. David S, Phil W and Tim W. I especially want to thank my wife Gina and son James for all their help over the years. I would not have been able to do this, especially the boat shows, without their help. This has truly been a family business.

    The Covid pandemic brought an unexpected boom to the boating market. This was 2.5 years of nearly nonstop installs. While I was happy to have the business, this took a physical tole on me. I’m no spring chicken anymore. On the home-front, July of 2022 brought about a life changing event for our family. This not only piled on to the physical demands of work, but now added an emotional drain.

    I have also watched the marine audio industry evolving over the years. It’s not what it was all those years ago. This forces us to change with it, which brings us to where we are today.

    After much discussion with Gina this past year, I came to the conclusion that it was time to slow things down. We made the decision to close the shop down and step away from doing installations. This past Friday, we moved the last of my stuff out of the shop and I am now officially semi-retired. Gina has had a great opportunity to come her way with her current employer. Not having a brick-and-mortar shop makes it much easier for her to chase bigger and better opportunities and for me to follow.
    Moving forward, I will be doing just sales and consulting. If any of my local customers are up for a DIY installation, MLA is still here to support you with both equipment and guidance.

    Thanks again and I hope everyone has a wonderful and prosperous new year.

    While this does not directly effect most of my Tige friends and customers, I thought id share anyway. I will actually be ramping up my internet business.

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    Good Luck in all of your (and Gina's) future endeavors! Or, as us Navy Veterans like to say, "Fair Winds and Following Seas".


      Good luck on your future endeavors Mike!


        I'm sure it was a tough decision and the local community will miss your impecable installs. I remember when you opened the shop.
        Wishing you and Gina a prosperous new year and beyond.
        Mike Allen, Tigé owner since 1997


          Hope you will still hang out here you are an invaluable asset here. Thanks for all you done. I wish you the best of luck in what you do next. I am sure you will be great at is just the kind of person you are.