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ATX vs Moomba

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    ATX vs Moomba

    Just curious how those on a tige forum would compare Moomba vs ATX. I was a former tige owner and loved them. Currently have a Supra and love it as well. Any major pros/cons between Moomba and ATX? Asking for a friend.

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    Just my take as a tech and a guy that likes to surf...

    ATX wins for surf system. Parkers are reliable and have a built in sender where as Lencos dont. Leads to more reliable deployment angles and more repeatable waves to your liking.

    Moomba takes it for keeping rear facing sliders a standard option IMO. The ATX rear facing seat is fine but requires more to move it(like moving people and cushions to deploy it)

    Otherwise the big difference is ballast system. One uses aerators, the others uses reversibles, and subfloor vs exposed bags. I hate subfloor as a I'm skewed here.

    Both have Raptor powerplants/drive trains and Murphy electronics/screens/PDMs.

    So now you are down to aestetics like tower, windshield, rub rail lines, etc. To each their own.