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    Hey @boonecragun could you please share the rewire diagram for the TPS power and ECM? I have a 2006 24ve that will occasionally go into limp mode while idling (no throttle, turn boat off and then back on). Dual battery setup with Blue Sea Systems switch. Currently disconnected the 2nd battery but still having the limp mode issue. I have read many threads on here trying to come up with a solution. Hopefully the rewire helps!


      mdelleman have you calibrated the potentiometer already??


        @ mdelleman - check out this thread:

        Post general technical topics related to your Tigé here.


          Thanks freeheel4life @boonecragun

          Great thread. I have also been reading this one -

          I will try to calibrate the potentiometer first and if I can't get the voltage right then replace it. Re-wire would be next step but it sounds like most people have fixed the issue with a new pot.

          Has been happening most with rider in the water, surfing.

          Will let you know how I make out.


            Yes, pot would be first to replace/calibrate, the of issue persists move on to rewire.


              Well I took apart the throttle to find what I believe to be no sensor. Am I wrong? This doesn’t look like the same unit in the pot replacement threads I’ve been reading…



                Alright looks like I found the problem. On the PCM engines the potentiometer is mounted on top of the engine. It looks like the housing is cracked which may be throwing things off. I will try and test it though I’m not sure how to calibrate this one.


                  There should be a elongated slot behind one of the screws you back probe one of the wires. (witch one IDK) or it can be done with a data com I believe. so it kinda pivots if that makes sense.


                    See thread posted above (copied here) for calibration:


                    should be the same


                      Thanks everyone for all your help on this.

                      I took the whole TPCS unit off the top of the engine and it fell apart. I have ordered a brand new assembly and sensor from PCM which should get here next week. In the meantime I expoxied the old assembly unit back together to test and maybe get on the lake again this weekend. Reinstalled on the boat and tried to test the voltage with poor results. Couldn’t get a reading over .03 and didn’t have a helper to move the throttle forward to see if I could get it to change.

                      I still am not sure how to calibrate this thing as it is controlled by a cable from the throttle rather then the linkage on the actual throttle. Maybe I missing something here?

                      I will keep tinkering with it and see where I get. Might just need the new part…


                        Update - new part came in and I put it in before a trip to lake test it. Couple hours of surfing and wakeboarding and no alarms!