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Whats the best amp on a budget for a pair of WetSounds Rev 8's

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    Whats the best amp on a budget for a pair of WetSounds Rev 8's

    I just picked up a pair of WetSounds Rev 8's and i'm learning as I go. What is the best amp to power a pair of WetSounds revolution 8 tower speakers on a budget, i'm currently in college so please keep that in mind when thinking of a "college friendly budget amp".

    I've had good luck with soundstream in the past. They are cheap and do a decent job. They are not wetsounds quality but are nearly 25% of the cost.

    Use this one..............TXP2.6500D. You can turn down the level to match your REV8.


      might pm chpthril on here. or email mikes liquid audio. he reps kicker gear and MIGHT have something used/demo available.

      otherwise I've had pretty good luck with rockford fosgate gear. can be found in a lot of locations and have pricepoints for anyone. powering them with a solid 100-150wpc should give you a great sound.
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        Good amps arent cheap and cheap amps arent good as they say. 2nd, Im not your momma, wife or accountant, so I wont ask or judge what your "budget" is, as its different with everyone. What I can do, is make a suggestion that is a balance between build quality and ideal wattage.

        If you purchased the speakers new from an authorized dealer, then do not hesitate to get their advice on the amp, how to wire it, set it up and tune it. Ive heard Wet Sounds has some good dealers/installers.

        If i wanted to push a pair to their potential, then an amp thats going to deliver between 300-400 watt RMS to each. If I wanted a solid surf/party cove setup, then 200W rms would be my minimum. In both options, a bridged 4 chnl amp is going to give you the most bang for the buck. The Kicker KXMA800.4 would be at the top end of the wattage and the KXMA500.4 for the lower end of the wattage.
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