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First boat 2005 24V

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    Originally posted by jtryon View Post
    any challenges getting that newer motor to run in this boat, or does it come with a standalone ECU etc?
    The guys at marine power are great. They answered all of my questions. The motor comes with everything you need. It has the exhaust manifolds/risers, standalone ecu and even the adapter because the new motor is drive by wire. If you order a transmission at the same time they ship it already assembled and they will come painted to match. They also come with new mounts which is awesome because mine were ate up with corrosion. They know what motors they used to supply to tige and i had found out that the 340HP 5.7 is actually only a 320hp motor that tige had labelled as 340 for marketing im assuming. Honestly for any issues with your MP motor i would call them directly. Also they do military/veteran discount so call for any orders instead of doing it online if youre a vet.


      Check out, you can make your own tabs and save alot of $. That said GSA makes a nice product. I've made a tab and gate system and really enjoy the automation but I had great success with the suck gate prior to the upgrade.

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        Originally posted by Jkgcorp View Post

        What do you mean an updated tower? I was thinking the same thing nut dont even know where to start to look or what to even look for. This is the only boating forum i am on
        Something similar to the current single mounting point towers instead of the traditional 4 point towers. Samson has a few decent options.