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Thread: How to change a steering cable.

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    Just replaced the steering cable in my 2002 21v limited. Everything went great...but my buddy disconnected two hoses to get to the rudder arm and did not mark which one went where. I am not sure myself - we tried based off of hose/connection size but my boat which runs at 175 like a metronome began to over heat.

    One hose is insulated and heavy duty and the other is not. Both hoses connect to the ports with the blue drain plugs. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! So bummed that the I got the cable swapped and this is what's holding me up.

    Sound like you are describing the raw water pump inlet and outlet hoses. Just flip flop them and you should be good to go. The stiffer hose is the suction side(stiffer so it doesnt collapse under vacuum), and the softer radiator type hose is the pressure side of the raw water loop.
    Most the time the hardwall hose is on the bottom and radiator hose on top.

    Be sure to get the hardwall tube all the way on and hose clamp good and tight. If the suction side can suck air it will, and cause raw water pump to not pull as much lake water.
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