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Thread: 2008 22Ve Speedset and Display not working

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  1. 2008 22Ve Speedset and Display not working

    On my 2008 22Ve, the switch to turn on Speedset does not appear to be getting power since the light in the switch does not come on. The display also does not come on and Speedset isn't working. Is there a fuse or breaker I'm not seeing? None of the breakers appear to be tripped, but I don't know which one controls these things. I found three 10a fuses and they all seem fine so I don't know what else to check. Ideas? Thanks!

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    Validate you have ground (black wire). I do not think that switch lights up when in "on" position. From what I remember it grounds out that circuit on 07-09. '06 the switch had power from auxiliary switch next to it which would have been a pink wire.
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  3. I checked to see that all wires are connected, but I will recheck them. The switch does have a small light that turns on when the switch is on, but it isn't working. That is why I think power isn't getting to the switch. The engine display isn't working at all so there may be more going on. I'm going to check any plug connections near the engine next. Thanks for the response.


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