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Thread: 2006 20V Tach and Spedo not working

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    2006 20V Tach and Spedo not working

    I have a 2006 20V and the tach and speedometer are not working, neither one cycle when the key is turned on, the speedometer is stuck at 20, and will move slightly 3-4 mph indication change with speed, the tach is stuck at 4000 and will rise to 6000 with throttle input. any ideas suggestions wire diagrams?

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    That is odd. I haven't seen a commander set of gauges do that. My first guess is ground. Can you get the gauges to light up when nav/anchor switch is thrown?

    Since they are both doing it and odds are against both going out at the exact same time I'm going to stick with a bad connection. Either power or ground. Those gauges jump from one to the next so it may just be a plug issue. There is a link in the download section for the commander gauges. I would suggest downloading it and checking your connections.
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    They are the FARIA (?) gauges. had them out today all lights work even the depth on the speedo and the air water engine hours on the tach. checked grounds all checked good.

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    So just the needle portion of both gauges are not working properly? Everything else on them is good?
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    Correct, the speedo gauge was working intermittently yesterday but tach is now stuck at 4000 rpm no movement, all other functions of the gauge work aside from the needles

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    I had the same issue with my tach last year. My boat is an 05. The manufacture (faira beede) no longer repairs my 05 gauges so I am keeping my eyes on eBay, Craigslist, and google for a used gauge and also looking for a tach hour meter to replace it, realizing I would loose some other functions.

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