I pulled my steering cable and have the new one in place. I'm trying to think through how to get the rudder set properly with the steering wheel. I'm thinking I need to hook up the steering wheel end, turn the wheel to the left so I can reach the linkage and hook things up. Then, go to center and see if the steering wheel is centered? Clearly, I'm winging it. Is there a better step by step somewhere?

While it was apart, I checked my rudder movement. It has a small bit of bind when starting the movement with my hands with no steering cable attached. Then, it seems to move fine. Is this normal? I greased the zirc inside. Hard to get grease into it. But it did not seem to make much difference. I really don't want to have this all back together and realize I have to pull it apart again and pull the rudder assembly off to make that right.

I'm a noob with my 2013 R20. It was almost impossible to steer before though. Thought I was going to break the dash!