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Thread: R21 wave

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    Congrats on new boat!!
    I have the 2017 Z1 Surf XL Ballast and an additional 1020lbs of lead.
    It does have a surf wave as it is factory, but we get a NICE wave with the additional lead and TAPS3.

    I would like to how TAPS 3T would be with my set up.
    Maybe next boat

    Just as others have said...once you start you ALWAYS want more!!!

    Can you tell me where you put the lead and do you always have it in the boat or do you take some or all of it out? Thank you,


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    I leave the lead in the boat, but boat stays on the dock. I take the lead out when I trailer it for service...1.5 hour drive.

    I have 160 lbs in the front half of the front cooler. I can still use the other half of cooler for drinks etc...
    Then I have the rest in the rear under my ballast bags. I do not have sub floor ballast so the lead is on the floor under ballast bags.

    I have about 500lb on port side since we ride left foot forward, and about 400lb on the starboard side.
    Right now we both ride left foot forward so we try to make the best wave port side.

  3. Awesome thank you. Should be able to get it in the water in the next few weeks, Just waiting for ice out here in NH. I will let you know what I do.


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