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Thread: Additional Speakers??

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    Additional Speakers??

    Looking for opinions/ideas.

    Boat is an 09 22VE

    I picked up some additional pairs of WS650's and would like to put another pair in my boat centered around the helm as I find most of the sound is behind the driver. The single under the dash speaker is hardly noticeable IMO.
    -My thoughts are a pair in the walkway up high closer to the dash but I believe this isn't always a good option have two speakers facing each other at that distance?
    -I plan on building a new sub box under the helm and thought about bringing the one existing speaker forward and including another to be the L/R of the existing.
    -Extra work but a pair mounted in pods facing forward off the tower down and in would work well too. I only have one set of Rev10's so the extra mounts are open.
    -Last idea was in the side of the observer seat base facing directly at the driver and the second behind the drivers seat facing out.

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