Hi all, over here in Australia with not that many Tige boat owners to chat to about comparable issues. Also not having a great time dealing with my local dealership. Looking here for some knowledge and potential help, so thanks in advance!

Quick context, purchased boat new in APRIL 2019, yes this year, although it's a 2017 model. Seem to have had ballast issues since the start with the left (port) side pumps not working properly or at all. Long story short, all pumps seem to be working now but....

First question is, what size bags are fitted to the standard 2017 RZR ballast system?

I ask this because when I hit fill all, the front bags both start to over flow at the same time after about 2mins of fill time. I should say that my fill and drain times for all bags are all set to 6mins.
Are the front bags that much smaller than the rear?

The follow up question to this is, the digital reading on the Tige Touch panel just shows the front bags still filling even though they are overflowing! Very confused! The couple of times we did have it working well, it was sweet, and the boat sat really low in the water, especially the bow. Went out riding on Friday with the boat 'fully loaded' with ballast, and the bow of the boat does not seem to be sitting anywhere near as low as it used to.

Any help is appreciated as I have towed it back to the dealership 4 times since owning it to try and get this sorted.