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  1. Bilge replacement mount

    Hi guys! I am replacing my bilge pump on my 2001 21V riders edition. So the old pump was mounted in the very back of the boat, right under the belts on the engine and where the engine fan vents. They used 4 screws right into the grey floor (which I’m assuming is fiber glass). The screws were no longer than 1/4” long if that.

    I used marine epoxied to close the existing holes and tried using the same screw length to mount the new one but they won’t grab. I used a tad longer screw and it started biting hard. It sounded like wood so I decided to stop until I know exactly what is under there. Is that center portion lifted slight because there is wood under that grey coating?

    Are screws the right way to do it or is that risky? I read online some guys we screw to a 1x4 piece of wood and then epoxy or silicone that to the boat.

    Thanks for the help guys, God bless!
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