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Thread: Winterizing 2015 Raptor 6.2L - Missing blue plug

  1. Winterizing 2015 Raptor 6.2L - Missing blue plug

    New owner of a 2105 RZR. I'm winterizing the Raptor 6.2L motor and there is no blue drain plug on the U-shaped hose between the raw water pump and the transmission heat exchanger. The Indmar website is not working and I can't find the 2015 Raptor 400 manual anywhere.

    Anyone know if there is something I need to do in order to drain that U-shaped hose?


  2. To get most of the water out of that U-shaped hose I took the cover off the raw water pump and disconnected a different hose at the top of the transmission cooler. I then blow some compressed air (low pressure) back through the disconnected hose. That forced most of the water out through raw water pump. There's probably still a little water at the bottom of that U but nothing I'm going to worry about.

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    Some info here about some raptor engine not having exactly what Indmar shows in their lit.
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  4. Yeah, I read that post late yesterday and figured my engine was a little different than shown in the manuals I had access to. My 2015 definitely does not have the blue plug in the raw water pump outlet hose shown as # 4 in this diagram:
    Raptor drain plugs.jpg
    So like I said before I just disconnected another hose downstream, removed the cover from the raw water pump and blew a little air through the hose to push the water out through the pump housing. All good now.

  5. Better yet, the Indmar website is working again today so I downloaded the correct manual, and sure enough there's no blue plug in the raw water pump outlet hose. The manual states: "The water that may be retained in the rubber hose that connects the raw water pump to the transmission oil cooler can stay there." So there's my answer.
    2015 Raptor draining.jpg


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