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Thread: 2006 20V engine removal

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    2006 20V engine removal

    Well it was a good season until it wasn't. Need to pull the engine on my 20V, I read the post about the 2000 21V posted 2-24-19, is it going to be the same? Any help suggestions would be great. Have a rod knock that needs to be investigated. I fairly mechanically inclined and capable. However I do like to ask before I figure things out the hard way. TIA

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    The 21v video will be very close to your boat. Pull the back seat out, pull the pedestal, pull the floor, pull all hatches and pretty much anything in the rear compartments. You will have tilt the engine enough to get it up and rotated 90 degrees in the back hatch area. Then lift out. If you're going to tear the engine down anyway, pull the exhaust manifolds off to give you more clearance. The v drive should be easy to pull from the trans too. If I recall correctly it is only six bolts.
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    Do you have the GM350? If so, there is a bellhousing bolt inside the upper mounting point for a top mount starter. Be sure you look inside as it does not like to come apart with a bolt still installed! Not really difficult to take out (if you are young or a contortionist). Hardest part is finding a point high enough to lift it out of the boat. Removing the exhaust manifolds make it much easier.

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    I pulled mine in 1 piece and reinstalled it the same way. Nothing too difficult just have to be careful not to slam it into anything.
    Mine's a 23V but I believe the engine compartment is all the same.


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    Sonic is correct, the 23v is the same hatch. He pulled it the same way it was dropped in at the factory.
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