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Thread: 22ve Activity Doors Rattle

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    22ve Activity Doors Rattle

    Any ideas on how to correct 2008 22ve transom activity covers rattling. Not sure if the hinges are an issue as they are fastened tight but seem very loose in the joints. Tried some stick on cabinet door style bumpers but they didnt last long. Thx in advance.

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    Go to your hardware store a buy some self adhesive clear bump pads like you put on your kitchen cupboards. Boom problem solved
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    Mine do that too from time to time. I know it's not a very heavy product but I feel like adding the decking on the hatches added just enough wait that they don't do it much anymore.

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    Thx for the insights. Maybe thats just how they are. Not sure if they came that way as we are 2nd owner but it seems like maybe there is some wear in the hinges or the doors have warped or bumpers have fallen off over time. Not a big deal but i dont like the rattles.

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    Like surf406 said, they originally had little clear adhesive rubber bumpers on the bottom of the lid. If all or a specific couple are gone the panel won’t sit right and they’ll clack all over the place. They rot and fall off over time, replace them all and you should be good to go. I bought my replacements at Home Depot.


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