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Thread: Throttle cable

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    Throttle cable

    I have a 2013 Z1. The throttle cable is starting to feel stiff. Has anyone pulled that cable out to lube it? Just looking for some tips before I dig into this deeper.

    Thank you.

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    Your 2013 is drive by wire, so no actual throttle cable. If the throttle lever is stiff beyond the point of engaging the transmission, id say its the tension screw for the throttle/shifter is a tad tight.
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    Ah. Thank you for the info chpthrill. Do you know where the tension screw is? I wouldn’t mind loosening it up some.

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    On the bottom of the throttle control assembly. You have to remove it to access it. Should be a set screw that says F next to it.
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    I will take a look. Thank you.


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