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Thread: Anyone mess with one of these?

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    Anyone mess with one of these?

    I have zero issues with my boat in terms of power and abilities to get up on plane loaded with ballast and crew.

    However I have read posts from guys with 1.5 to 1 rzx 400 etc complaining of not enough power... anyone try this?

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    IMO these types of tuners are dangerous. They trick the ecu into increasing timing and other variables that in a given situation it wouldn’t do. I don’t know if this will allow for timing retarding if it senses knock/ping or not.
    15% increase is quite the claim. That’s 60 HP for me. I think I’ll pass on this one. Is if someone can crack the E-controlls software and build a full tune or figure out how to copy the 460 tune and hardware so I can install in mine I’m all in!


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