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Thread: 2007 Tige 22VE Throttle Curve is not smooth (fly by wire)

  1. 2007 Tige 22VE Throttle Curve is not smooth (fly by wire)

    Boat shifts into gear perfectly, then as you go to pull up your rider up you keep increasing the throttle but nothing happens until suddenly it kicks in hard and takes off. The boat is new to me so I don't know how long it's been like that but it seems like it isn't registering the throttle movement until about 1/4 of the way through the throw. When it finally does register it seems to jump to 25% or more throttle.

    My first thought was maybe a cylinder or 2 wasn't coming to life until 20% throttle but after some practice I can control it with very small, precise movements. I've read a little on throttle position sensors, which I'm somewhat familiar with, but also I'm finding posts about pots but those posts usually involve limp mode, which mine isn't going into (thankfully!). The boat has over 800 hours on it, I'm thinking something is worn out I'm just not sure where to start. I do have a multi-meter but I'm no pro at using it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, I believe the issue might be why my Tige set is so unstable.

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    Can you duplicate this with the neutral lockout engaged? Curious if once the throttle begins to respond, do the rpm slowly increase as normal, or do the RPM just jump up as if they are catching up to the throttle levers position?
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  3. That's a great idea, I'm embarrassed I didn't check it first. I'll watch the RPM's under load and in Neutral and report back. Thanks!

  4. It does happen in neutral as well. The most noticeable jump is around 1500 jumps to 2500 quickly, so 1800 would be difficult to achieve. I tried to take a video, will see if I can get it to post.

    Is there a servo in the throttle body that could be wearing out? I took the throttle off the side of the boat to watch it move, I can't find any play in the mechanism but wonder if some maybe there are contact points that could be cleaned.


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