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Thread: 2019 R21 @ Indmar 6.2 360 winterization technique

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    2019 R21 @ Indmar 360

    Smile 2019 R21 @ Indmar 6.2 360 winterization technique

    Old skier reaching out to the Tige forum for help with the best technique to remove the blue drain plug on the raw water pump crossover tube on our 2019 Tige R21 @ Indmar 360 in order to winterize. I have tried by sitting in the rear starboard compartment and also reaching down from the top. The routing of the bilge pump hose is also a hurdle. I can reach the rest of the winterization drain plugs, i.e., heat exchanger, transmission and exhaust manifold. Also, what it the best reaching technique to reach the raw water pump impeller on the R21? Over the years I have always winterized my direct drives....86 Nautique, 96 Powerslot and 05 Supra...but this looks like a real challenge.

    Thanks in advance for your input!

    R21 crossover tube.jpg

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    following, I have a 2018 R21 with the 400 raptor and have all the same questions lol

    I think batteries out and head in there for the impellor, what you think? your pic above what kinda plug is there exactly?

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    Should be able to get to it by removing the port access panel in the rear locker. Stick your head in there and your arm should be able to reach all the way around. If not you can remove the opposite side divider and get to it from there also. Dont need to take the batteries out.
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    Pull the little square panel on the back wall in the starboard side locker. Go in head first with your feet/legs up in the air resting on the backseat fiberglass. Left arm thru the hole first and head follows. You will kind of have to lay on your left side. Then your wrap around the heat exchanger and get it. That's how I do it.

    The other option that some would frown on is this. Just pull the manifold drain plugs. Run the engine. Most the water will get pushed out of the whole loop by the impeller. Put plugs back in. Remove thru hull hose at Vdrive. Start engine and funnel in pink -50 while running until it comes out the exhaust. The entire raw water loop is now winterized. Theres no thermostat or other restrictions as the Raptor is close cooled. Takes 10 minutes and is a lot less crawling around. Impeller doesnt really run dry, and you are replacing it anyways.

    I lay on top of the motor and go over the top to do the impeller. Remove the plastic cover and flop down a chunk of foam or a life jacket for comfort.


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