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Thread: Throttle does not work

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    Throttle does not work

    Hello everyone,

    I have problem with my Tige 22V 2006. The choke doesn’t open when I use throttle lever arm.
    The choke is electronical, we’ve already changed its control block. And we’ve checked if anything is wrong with the lever.
    What it could be? Has anyone ever faced such problem?
    Does anyone have DELPHI MEF I-4 scheme?

    Thanks for help!

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    Lets confirm your boat model and engine. Its it by chance a Ve? Notched transom with seating and storage bins compared to a sloping transom?

    340 Marine powering engine I would suspect. However, is it light silver or dark charcoal? The silver version is typically cable driven throttle and found in the "V" and charcoal was fitted with drive by wire and started coming in the new "Ve".

    The throttle plate is electric, but these EFI boats do not have a choke. I do not believe the throttle opens, except when the engine is running. So is your symptom that the engine will no rev up and get on plane, of are you sitting with the hood up watching for the throttle plate to open. When the engine will not rev past idle on a DBW engine, this is a limp mode condition when a fault is sensed.

    Was it the actual throttle plate actuator motor that you have replaced?

    You checked the lever, did that include a voltage sweep of the lever position sensor? Its signal is what commands the throttle motor.
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