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  1. 2300V Stalling At Idle

    Hey Guys,

    I bought this boat earlier in the year, and finally got it in the water a couple weeks ago. It's a 2000 2300V with the mercruiser 350 MPI. I'm having an issue with it stalling at idle once it warms up. If I bring the RPM up it seems to run okay. Here's a link to a video showing what it's doing.

    Here's what I've done so far.

    I replaced the IAC valve and that didn't change anything.

    The fuel pressure gauge wasn't working, so I replaced that. When I did, the fuel pressure seems to be low from what I've read. Runs about 20psi without the boat running and drops down to around 5psi with it running.

    I replaced the fuel pump. Fuel pressure still acts the same.

    I replaced the fuel filter. No change.

    I checked for vacuum leaks, the best I could. Took a propane torch and went around the intake manifold while running. Didn't notice any changes in idle. I also tried the poor mans smoke test by putting a cigar in a transfer pump. I couldn't see any leaks.

    So, what am I missing. Maybe fuel pressure regulator, or whatever temperature sensor controls the IAC? I'm considering buying the Rhinda diagnostic software, but it's pricey.

    Thanks for any advice.
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