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Thread: rudder turns more to port than starboard

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    rudder turns more to port than starboard

    Hi - I have a new-to-me 2007 22ve and noticed some things with the steering:

    1) From visual observation, the rudder seems to be able to turn to port about 10-15deg more than to starboard. I'll try to get some measurements or pics to share later, but I would guess that normal operation allows the rudder to turn either way equally.

    2) While underway with a straight heading the steering wheel is basically pointed upside down.

    Any thoughts?

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    After some more searching I found this post re: rudder turning more to port than it seems this is normal?

    Still not sure why my steering wheel seems to be upside down; maybe I'll just take it off and reposition 180deg.

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    Mark the position of the wheel when idling straight and swap it over 180. I had to do the same after I replaced my steering cable. They probably just never fixed the wheel orientation after last time it was replaced. (It’s not necessarily lined up when the rudder is set straight because of prop wash, p-factor, etc)
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