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Thread: Starting issues when warm - 2003 Tige 21i

  1. Starting issues when warm - 2003 Tige 21i

    I have a 2003 Tige 21i with the 350 MPI Tow Sport engine. The boat always starts when we first go out but more often than not when you turn it off after that the boat will not turn over at all, I can use a screw driver on the slave solenoid and it starts but can't start with the key. When the key is turned I do hear the audible alarm that always comes on when you turn the key but nothing when you try to start the engine. This has been an ongoing problem for a years and I have had more than one mechanic replace parts but no real solution.

    I have replaced within the last year: (not all because of this issue directly)
    Key / Ignition cylinder
    Slave solenoid
    Main breaker
    Starter / starter solenoid
    90 amp breaker on starter

    Any ideas would be appreciated. The only thing I can think of is the red/yellow wire from the starter solenoid may be weak and not allow the engine to start when it gets warm but feel like I am grasping at straws.

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    Neutral safety switch. When the problem happens, rock the shift lever back and forth while HOLDING the key in the start position. If the engine turns over, perform the following to save the rest of the day. Follow the red and yellow wire to the transmission where it connects on two separate posts to the neutral safety switch. Place both connections on one of the terminals and screw them in place. Replace the neutral safety switch when you get back. Keep us posted.
    Fixing everyone elses boat just so I can use mine...

  3. I have a new neutral safety switch on the way but even with the bypass I have the same starting issue. At a loss.

    Thanks again for the post.

  4. Changed the neutral safety switch and so far so good....not sure why the bypass didn't work but the new switch seems to be working but just happy it starts.

    Appreciate the comments!

  5. Short lived happiness.....same issue even with the new neutral safety switch. The boat fires right up using a remote start switch connected to the slave cylinder on top of the engine. Not enough experience trying to just bump the engine with the remote switch and then try the key but so far it only seems to take a bump for the ignition to work normally.


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