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Thread: 2013 R20 Ballast Pump Fuse/Breaker?

  1. 2013 R20 Ballast Pump Fuse/Breaker?

    I have read many posts trying to find this answer. One came close to describing the location (above the subwoofer). I don't have a subwoofer on my 2013 R20. I had a bad ballast motor. In the process of testing, I know I popped a breaker or a fuse. Had power to all, then lost power to all. For the life of me, I cannot find the breaker or the fuse though. I searched everything under the dash. I only see 2 10 amp fuses and both look good. I am stumped! I don't see any breakers under my dash. Nor any additional fuses. Does anyone have suggestions on where to look? I was thinking this would be fairly standard equipment and locations on the R20.

    Everything else on the dash seems fine. None of the 4 ballast pumps have power though. Fixing one broken pump, now all 4 are dead!

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    I think there is a removable cover/wall that will expose what you are looking for. Its above where the factory woofer would be.
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  3. Wow, I saw the release clips there, but somehow, I thought that was just a block to the front side of the boat. Didn't seem deep enough. Thanks! I went right there and found the breaker! I was hoping a couple more were tripped. Save me some work! Shooting for another step forward!


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