2019 ZX1 with factory DSP amps (replaced after the amp recall from wetsounds) with two pairs of REV10's on the tower. I've mentioned this before on the forum but the factory tune on the tower speakers has way too much treble, to the point that it's just painful at reasonable volumes for a surfer or wakeboarder. Our solution has been to use the equalizer on my phone and dial the treble way back which makes the tower sound great, but then the cabin speakers lack a ton of treble. This winter I'm planning on adding another sub and amp (both will be wet sounds) and wondered if having the WS-420 installed could solve this issue. I'm not sure how well it would wire into the factory stereo? If it would be a good solution, is it something the dealer could do, or should it be done at a marine audio shop? All help is greatly appreciated!