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Thread: perfect pass 2006 20I

  1. perfect pass 2006 20I

    have a 2006 20I Tige with 5.7 Vortex fuel injected Marine power engine 340HP and would like to put a perfect pass system in it but rep from perfect pass says they sometimes have issues with there system on the Marine power engines. Has anyone done the conversion with this engine and are you happy.

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    Use the search function and see if you can find the thread. I am sure someone else will locate it in a few if you hold on. The short answer is that you are hosed and can't get perfect pass.

    The long answer is that with a little ingenuity that has already been worked out. You can get it done, but it will take some work and no dealer is likely to take this on so you will have to be mechanically inclined enough to do it yourself.

    Your boat did not come with Tige Touch cruise control? You might be able to get another keypad if that is the problem.
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    The 06 charcoal gray MP 340 is the pink elephant. Its TBW ECM protocol seems to not talk well with the perfect pass and each points to the other.

    Somewhere here, a guy moved the throttle control assembly to the engine bay, then connected to the perfect pass servo to it, then IIRC, installed a cable driven throttle assembly back into the original spot.
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    Just asking because I don't know would a GPS star gazer not work?


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