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Thread: Speedometer stopped working

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellyrmartin View Post
    I just checked and the paddle wheel seems to turn freely. What would be the next thing to check?

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    My 2005 22i had 2 paddle wheels to check. One at the back of the boat to the right of the taps plate and the second was directly under the boat and accessible through the access in the back to the rudder/shaft seal.
    Paddlewheel 2.jpg
    paddlewheel.jpg Missing the wheel but a close up of the paddlewheel device at the back.
    paddlewheel 1.jpg I believe that's the location of the underside paddlewheel.
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    So that was my question - if your perfect pass is showing speed, then the wheel would be working and it’s the gauge or wiring that’s bad. If the perfect pass and gauge don’t show speed, probably the wheel itself or the transducer

    I may be way off base thought and Mike may tell me to shut up

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    My boat is like Mike's, 2 paddlewheels, 1 for speedo and the other for PerfectPass. Though I have not worried about the paddlewheels since I got the NauticLogic GPS unit.


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