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Thread: Faria Speedo/Depth sounder not working and making a ticking sound on 2006 22ve

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    Faria Speedo/Depth sounder not working and making a ticking sound on 2006 22ve

    Help- my multi function speedo/depth gauge just stopped working and blinks * and makes a ticking noise. The dealer called Faria and they don't sell a multi-function gauge anymore. They have a nice GPS unit that will fit but it doesn't have depth. Thoughts? I don't have Perfect Pass but have the Tige version. I don't really need a speedo since we surf mostly and can judge the speed I need... the depth gauge is a nice to have though. Outside of messing up my dash with separate instruments anyone have an idea or been through this? Thanks

  2. I have a 2005 22v, same problem. Looking for new gauges or someone to rebuild them. In the mean time I have a speedo/gps app. Works really good

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    I have not had any speedo issues but I have an 05 24V and my tach needle got stuck at 3k and wouldn't move below that even at idle or with engine off. I contacted Faria and they said they don't even offer their repair services on our old gauges anymore and that I couldn't special order. It sucks because that gauge is also the hour meter and does other functions. I ended up finding a used replacement on Ebay and the replacement was broken, tach worked but gauge made a steady high pitched beeping sound the second it was plugged in and battery was on - gave that guy poor feedback! haha

    Anyway, I am hoping to get lucky on ebay again but if you guys find a company that can rebuild or replace please let me know!


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