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Thread: Actuator saga continues

  1. Actuator saga continues

    We had an actuator go down on us a couple of weeks ago. Motor was burnt out and was full of water. Got the new one under warranty last Wednesday and installed on boat. Went out and was working fantastic we rode Friday, a long day wakeboarding and surfing Saturday and then suddenly Sunday lunchtime after helping a beginner get up on a wakeboard for the first time we refill the ballast and the boat refuses to get on plane. After resetting a few times my husband goes under the boat and I manually adjust the taps and nothing moving. Motor still working but actuator jammed. So we fill the front 100% and put everyone in the bow so I can see where I am driving and head to drop crew off to other boats.
    Next disaster hit some debris in the water and now we also have a dinged prop couldn’t even see what it was.
    Get the boat home and onto the hoist and we take the actuator off and discover the cogs inside are missing teeth. My husband thinks they were never aligned properly when it was put together

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    Alignment of those gears isn't the issue, made in China.
    Fixing everyone elses boat just so I can use mine...

  3. No the gears had teeth missing and the gears just fell apart. When my husband took apart the one the previous week and fixed it the gears did not just fall into pieces. He is an engineer who works with actuators 5 times the size so I trust his diagnosis. However I agree the made in China is the issue!

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