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Thread: Need to save the weekend!

  1. Need to save the weekend!

    2004 22v merc 350, velvet drive and the blue V drive.
    Surfed for about 3 hours no issues, we are loaded up with people and ballast right at 4900#, speed was 11.2, next set we couldn't get up to speed, 10.8ish best we could do, it was not in limp mode. Five minutes later heard a very fast knocking sound like we were throwing a rod.
    Throttle down and into neutral, knock went away checked motor by revving in neutral, no knock, in gear it came back and faster you go faster the sound is, sounded like something stuck in prop and hitting bottom of boat.
    Checked out prop on trailer and all good, checked bolts and screws on bottom and all good.

    Pulled dividers and dug in to drive train and think I narrowed down to shaft seal area or output of vdrive, nothing I can see stuck in there or anything making contact with hull.
    How tight are the bolts supposed to be on the vdrive output coupling? I turned one with 2 wrenches fairly easily but stopped in case there was sort of gap you had to maintain.

    Any pointers or suggestions are greatly appreciated as we are camping (and have a dialed in wave) and the boat is our entertainment.

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    All the coupler bolts should be tight. I'd drop it back in and see if it's still doing it after tightening...

  3. Will do, thanks.

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    Could be the drive plate.

  5. Coupler bolts tight now, one was finger tight, set screw tightened up a few turns, noise still present but it did change in consistency and amplitude. Definitely coming from vdrive right around the output shaft area. I had someone turn prop and could hear it very feint but was there.
    Is it possible that my ballast bag pop the divider and pushed the motor and v drive out of alignment?
    Thinking this because:
    We were running fine until I maxed out starboard sidebag.
    Divider was popped from tracks and up against riser.
    We could not get to surf speed when the run before we could.
    There the vdrive mounts are not even on both sides.

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    I would think that if the motor did get pushed over you would be able to see a mark on the mount where it used to be vs where it is now. That would indicate it slid.

    Hopefully it’s not something inside the case.

  7. Disconnected prop shaft from vdrive output, dropped it in and still making the knocking noise. Actually seems more prevalent now, used the old wooden dowel tool and it does sound like it's coming from the lower half of the vdrive.
    Any ideas what it could be?

  8. Pretty sure we broke a tooth on a vdrive gear, getting ready to pull the drive (planned on doing it tonight but the wife offered Mexican for dinner) finding mixed feelings online of do it yourself send to Walter's or find a local shop.
    I lean to do it yourself, any good shops in Ohio?

    Another option would be picking up a used or rebuilt Rv26d if anyone has a line on one I'm all ears, need to her back on the water this weekend!

  9. Pulled the vdrive, easy job really, popped bottom cap, yup broke teeth.... strange, hit nothing, no shifts from fwd to reverse...all is smooth as butter except clunk on the missing teeth.20190707_202223.jpg

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    Mike at Harbor Marine in Everett WA should be able to source you parts if you cant find them elsewhere. I dont have his extension handy. Can post it tomorrow. Wait until 10AM Pacific Time to call. Obviously next day shipping is more $ but I'm betting he has the parts in inventory so you can be back out next weekend. If not I'm sure he has a reman complete around, but that's also more $.

    Good luck

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    Well that is defiantly your noise (obviously) How many hours do you have on the boat? That gear is massive kinda shocking you broke off teeth. Dose it show signs of heat? I have always thought they were kinda bullet proof. Guess not.I just hit 1000 hours this weekend. That is why I ask about yours.I am sure you will have to replace both gears. The worn out gear with a new gear might not get along well. Although I am not 100% sure. If you do a rebuild your self Please post lots of pics an part #s. It will be a good source for us DIY guys.
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  12. Only 400 hrs, 200 by me this and last year.
    As far as I know havnt hit anything, who knows. Will do on the pics and agree on both gears, the drive was suprising pretty easy to pull.

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    Impressive, but not in a good way. I agree it should normally take some serious force to break teeth like that. I'd expect other damage elsewhere too, hard to believe that much force would only have that effect. Glad you found it, though.

    Did you find the broken tooth pieces? You definitely don't want those rattling around in the case.

  14. Be tearing down tonight.

  15. 20190708_185126.jpg20190708_185126.jpg
    I could jb weld them bad boys back in and you'd never even know they broke off. I'm taken the gear and teeth to our metallurgist at work and see what he thinks.


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