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Thread: Skim style board suggestions please

  1. Skim style board suggestions please

    I am about 5'10" around 160lbs.

    I want to purchase a skim style board after been surfing last couple years.

    Any suggestions on the best board?

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    I have recommendations, but a disclaimer; I don't ride Skims. These two manufacturers though have been huge sponsors of the West Coast Tige Owners Reunion for the last few years, and we like to send people their way when we can. Reach out to Hank at "Exile" or Tex at "Victoria", both companies are listed on the web. If you call them, please tell them Dave from the Tige reunion referred you. Both of those guys are awesome, and will steer you straight with your specific needs.

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    53" Matrix. Don't look back. Board is great for beginners with a larger fin to pro level with the stock fin. A bunch of pros ride this board currently and I can't count the number of people I taught on this board where they threw in the rope the first day. 3+ years of abuse and its held up very well. Fack I lost it going 20mph down the road out my wakeboard rack and only a few scratches. Skimmed the ocean in it too. I have ridden numerous other skimmers from Phase 5, Ronix, Lakewakes, etc. and the Matrix is superior by far. I know there are others like Victoria but just wanted to share my experience.


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    similar to D, I don't ride skim much anymore but do still have an inland surfer 4skim that I love and do a quick spin on every once in a while. we also have a p5 danielo pro and a cwb tsunami. I don't care for either one of those. gf rides them.
    I have ridden a couple victoria skimboards over the years and really liked them. I heard soulcraft was getting their toes wet with a skim.
    if I was in the market I would contact jeff at soulcraft first and victoria second.
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    I picked up a Ronix Carbon Air Core Skimmer this spring and love it. I'm 6'2", 200lbs so went with the 4'9" model. For your size, I'd do the 4'4".

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    Our skim is a Phase 5 Diamond LTD, and we love it. Heard great things about Soulcraft and Victoria as well. The ronix we have are super weak, as far as coating. I’ll probably grab a soulcraft for my next one.

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    Exile has also sponsored the West Coast Tigé Reunion. They are in my home town of San Clemente and sponsor an amazing skim rider, Austin Keen.
    Definitely worth a look.
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    Kanuk boardco blunt or vedder. Check them out, sick boards and don’t forget Canadian dollars.


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