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Thread: Towing RZX2

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    I work at the GM truck plant that makes the 2500 and used to run a few 1500’s and let me tell you, the 1500 looks like a Chinese scooter next to the 2500. If you tow often spend the extra cash and go with the 2500 platform. Brakes are bigger better trans, and bigger rear end! I mean diesels are nice and will always hold value but a lot more maintenance. 1500 will do the job but if your consistently doing long hauls got big buy once and don’t look back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt4124 View Post
    diesels are nice and will always hold value but a lot more maintenance
    Why do you say that? My 2006 Cummins 5.9L, which came packaged in a Dodge 3500, has been a dream for the past 13+ years. I get 25% better mileage (25+ MPG in mixed driving) than my wife's Toyota minivan (20 MPG mixed) and have had precisely one issue with the engine - a slightly loosened injector nut, which I tightened myself at home for free. Otherwise nothing but oil changes. Most reliable, trouble free, low maintenance engine (and drive train) I've ever owned.

    Seriously, I'd like to know what "a lot more maintenance" means. Other than the initial sticker shock (which you get back when you sell the vehicle, diesels hold their value WAY better than gassers), I can't think of a downside. I'd truly like to know what you mean.

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    with Id on this one. nothing but diesel fuel and routine maintenance (well a few mods) for the last 300k. and can still sell it tomorrow for 3 k less than i bought it for 10 years ago. Ford 7.3
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    ID, I’m sure you know a lot has changed in the diesel world in the last 13 years. EGR is slowly killing my Ecodiesel and every other newish truck out there. Add to that all the troubles with DEF and the entire exhaust system. 2006 was a fantastic year for diesel truck. If you can find a low mileage beauty it will cost as much as a newer truck. I’d love to get my hands on a clean 2006 Duramax.


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