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Thread: Z3 Bridge Clearance

  1. Z3 Bridge Clearance

    Currently looking at installing a carport on my dock for coverage over the boat (Z3). Im not near my boat at the moment, does anyone have the exact dimensions of the base of the boat to the top of the bridge?
    I'd like to get something tall enough so I dont have to fold the bridge down every time I put it on the lift? The dock is a floating dock so I know the height of the carport legs will need to have a little buffer. Thanks!

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    I’m standing in my boat and could measure it if you would like. Is the bridge the tower? And how far down on the hull of the boat?

  3. Thanks, just seeing your reply. Yes, bridge/tower, same thing. I was able to get mine measured. From the base of the boat to the top of the bridge was approx 7'.
    It was 9' 6" from the ground to the top of the bridge. Then about 28" difference from the ground to the bottom of the boat.


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