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Thread: 2014 Z1 navigation lights and tower anchor lights staying on.

  1. 2014 Z1 navigation lights and tower anchor lights staying on.

    My tige has the dual key for motor power and the button beside it for power the viper screen. I can use all the features perfectly fine but when I cut all power and turn everything off the navigation lights (red and green on the bow) as well as the anchor light stay on. My viper is has the newest software as well as I have reset back to factory settings but they still stay on. Any ideas?

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    Perhaps the backup switch panel NAV/Anchor rocker is depressed?

  3. Any idea where the back up panel would be?

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    It’s behind the subwoofer under the dash. The panel is open once you remove the subwoofer HPDE boards. The switch will be illuminated if it has been switched on.

    I installed the separate button to run the screen and if I have the lights/ballast on when I power off the screen, they will stay on for a while on their own. So I try to remember to shut everything off prior to powering down the screen.
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