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Thread: RZ 4 Stereo Upgrate

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    RZ 4 Stereo Upgrate

    Bought a 2009 RZ4 and I'm looking to add a system. Pulling the stock speakers and starting fresh. I'm not an audiophile and have a few questions.

    1. I'm looking at the Fusion MS-RA70NSX head unit, which is mounted in the glove box. Can it support two remotes - one near the drivers seat and the other on swim step?

    2. The boat has 4 Alpine 6.5 speakers and components. I'll replace the speakers with new JL or Wetsounds 6.5's, but my question is how do you cover/fill the small component hole once its out? Or should i just leave the component speaker in disconnected?

    3. Is there a JL Audio tower speaker or mount that works with the Alpha Z tower? I'd like another option other than Wetsounds Rev 8/10.


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    Memphis Audio sounds great as well.
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    I'd like another option other than Wetsounds Rev 8/10.
    Icon-8 is another option to an HLCD. Same size and power handling class as the JL 8.8. Just note though, the 10" Rev-10 is in a whole different world compared to an 8" HLCD. I sell/install more Rev-10 to boaters who have never wakeboarded. They make an awesome surf/party cove speaker.

    Yes, the Fusion can support 2 remotes with the proper cabling.

    We've filled old tweeter holes with LED pucks or just leave them. Not many quality marine component options these days, everyone has migrated back to coaxial style.
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    I left the tweeters in and disconnected when I did my boat, fwiw

    Also, I ran the 9inch kickers. They sounded warmer to me then the Rev10s. We had them cranked up the other day and they have a good bass balance. I also looked st the JL.. honestly, after you factor in LED and swivel mounts, can’t beat the cost. Will see how they hold up over time

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