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Thread: Update screen 2015 ASR

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    Update screen 2015 ASR

    Anyone know how to update software ? Received download from dealer, put on thumb drive then plugged in. Can’t get it to update. I purchased new screen installed it now my gas gauge and volume controls want work on new screen. Any suggestions ? Thanks

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    Dont know where you got your new screen from but the boats from 16 down with the Polk in the glovebox got a different 7" than the ICE module equipped 17 and up boats. If you have the newer screen it wont work with you Polk glovebox setup. Doesnt quite explain your fuel sender issue tho...

    Why the update?? Why the new screen?? Did you crawl under the helm and plug into the back of the screen or use the dash/helm USB port when you tried to update??


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