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    Post a picture inline

    Who this is for:This is for forum users who are looking for an easy way to display photos inline in thread post. Some free services are required, as is some knowledge of photo manipulation. If you are posting a single image, then the "attach image" feature is the best option for you. However, if you need to post multiple images, then you should use this method, or a similar one, to save on bandwidth and allow inline display of photos. I will cover a method using photobucket, but you can use any gallery you have, or even the gallery. You will need to get the link from the photo properties.

    First off, your images need to be a suitable size. You can use anything from Photoshop to Paint. If you are using Windows, MS has a nice app released under powertoys that makes resizing pretty easy. After installing, you can select photos, right click, and resize from the submenu. Download it here.

    You also need to have an account setup to host photos. Photobucket is one that is secifically designed to use with forums. They give you the image tags in several formats under the photo, so you do not have to go searching for the image url. Accounts are free.

    The gallery is also available, but the image management functions are limited compared to photobucket.

    Getting photos uploaded to the web:
    Once you have your photos on your computer, you need to first resize them. Assuming you have installed the resizer powertoy, this is as simple as selecting the photos you wish to upload, and right clicking -> resize. A menu will pop-up asking you what size you want to use. 800x600 is a good one. Resizer will make a copy of the image/s in the new size

    Now that your image are resized, you need to get them uploaded to a server somewhere. You can use the gallery, or where ever. We are going to use photobucket. Browse over to, and make an account if you haven't already. Log in, and you will be presented with a section to add albums. Setup an album named tigeowners, or similar. Click on the album to enter it. Then go to the blank that says upload. You can add more blanks for photos by clicking the link that says "add more photos". Click the browse button beside each field you have a photo for. It will open a dialog box for you to browse to the image you wish to upload. Once you have it click it, and hit ok. The field on will now have your path in it. Repeat for all the photos you have to upload.

    Getting your photos to show up inline in your post:
    When browse your photobucket album, you will notice that under each photo there is a series of links. Those are selectable, and are meant to be used to copy paste the image data into forums. The one that works for vbulliten, which is the forum type, is the last one. It has the image link wrapped in [ I M G ][ / I M G ] tags without the spaces. If you select that field, and copy, you can swtich back to your post, and paste, and the photo will be displayed inline with your post. It follows all the properties of text, so pressing enter, or typing around works just as if it were another word.

    If you use the gallery there is a little more work involved. Once you have your photos uploaded, you need to browse to it and view it fullsize. Rightclicking the photo will give you its properites. One of the properties is the url. Copy that, and insert it into your post by either clicking on the "mountain and sun" icon in the post toolbar (it is a gray mountain on a yellow background), or by typing the [ I M G ][ / I M G ] tags, and pasting the url between them. It should look like this [ I M G ]Your/Image/Url/goes/here.img[ / I M G ]

    OK hope that helps some of you guys out.
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    Thanks for the post spharis, hopefully that will help out a lot of members.

    There is also this post, How to post images, upload profile pictures and how to resize images, which will show you size dimensions, acceptable formats, etc.


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