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Thread: Engine randomly misses

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    Unhappy Engine randomly misses

    Just bought a used 05 Tige 22i and have been taking it out in the evenings this past week. I filled it up with supreme fuel and added some SeaFoam to the full tank to clean fuel and eliminate any water. It’s happened twice while pulling the kids in tubes that the engine just looses power and and seems to want to stall out. I idled a while then it’ll go about 35 feet and stall out again. I’ve shut it down waited 3-5 minutes and started up again and seems to run good. Any ideas as to why this may be happy? Anything would be much apyfor a new boat owner.

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    Every time this happens in my 1998 Tige pre2200wt with Mercruiser 5.7L MPI it is spark plug related. Usually find 1 that has a crack in the ceramic. Really easy to crack them after running them hard for a summer and then remove to fog or check gap. I usually just put a fresh set in every spring to avoid this issue.

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    Possibly a vapor lock issues. Once the fuel cools down it runs fine again until it heats up again.


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