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Thread: 6 foot/210 lbs Surf Troubles

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    Practice and the right board are all you need. I'm the same size and can ride R21 all day long with just stock ballast and 2 people in the boat.

  2. I started learning to surf with longer real surf boards. Bought a bunch of cheap real surf boards ranging from 6’ to 6’8”. Then moved down in size. Now my go to wake boards are high quality 5’2”, 5’6” and I still have fun on a 6’ real surf board. Meanwhile i played around with the wake, added 500lbs of lead and that made a big difference. I have a cheapo 4’8” potato chip but I don’t like using it because it’s too twitchy for me. I primarily surf with 3 guys and we are ranging from 205-235.

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    I posted some info on how to set up an R/21 on the ballast thread... search that, it will tell you how to get a bigger wave out of your boat.

    I am 5'9 195 and I can surf the R/21 wave with Surf on 5 and Taps on 2. It is an okay wave with stock ballast. To step it up and have some fun, get an extra ballast bag (540LB) and put it down the middle of the boat and lean the boat to the side you are surfing on 100% port, 50% Starboard, 50% up front. Wave should be much bigger and surf tab can be set anywhere between 3-10.



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