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Thread: Hot dock, cover in carpet, seadeck?

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  1. Hot dock, cover in carpet, seadeck?

    My dock is aluminum and gets to scorching temps in the sun. Anyone cover their docks? I am thinking about outdoor carpeting, a seadeck knock off, or maybe a spongy plastic carpet like some Mastercrafts have.

    Thoughts, suggestions?

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    You could probably buy minors moss in a large roll. Similar to the deck stuff used in Mc and previously tige.

  3. Thank you! Prospecting mats, who knew?

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    Stick with the lightest colors. We used grey and it gets scorching hot in the sun. We didn't expect that, but it's true.

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    ID is right. docks at the old lake at home are grey trex and they are crazy hot in the july/august sun. unless you're in the upper midwest. grey dock at the launch ramp there didn't get quite as hot. sun is different there.
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  6. I think I am leaning towards the EVA foam. Sandm and ID, would a light grey still get hot in the sun? I’m in NH, so not FL sun, but the dock gets sun for most of the day.

    Really I am just sick of keeping a hand bilge pump on the dock to wet it every time we walk on it.

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