Im new to the wake/surf boat scene, I grew up getting towed all summer skiing, now that i have kids (8/9) i want them to experience water sports as well.

The boat Im considering is a 2012 RZR it has 200 hrs on it, the few issues that have been disclosed to me is the rear transom remote has moister in it, the speedo reads incorrect ( but perfect pass still works ) and and throttle control doesn't have a positive stop for neutral.

Im kind of buying it sight unseen as its on the other side of the country, Im sending a buddy to check it over and bring it home.

I have read the touch screen can be an issue with this gen of boat, are there any other common issues with these boats that I can have buddy look for?

Do dealers provide service history on boats? The local dealers didn't seem interested in helping me.
Do the boat history sites work?

I had my local registries check the HIN for leins but the there was no record of the HIN in the database.

Any advise would be appreciated!!