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Thread: Trailer uprights for bunks....breaking at welds

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    Trailer uprights for bunks....breaking at welds

    What have you guys done to remedy / beef up the uprights for trailer bunks?

    Currently have the forward 2 shot, then one back they are starting to crack. Welds themselves arent bad, cracks are right after the welds on the main frame, not the uprights.


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    Pics would be helpful
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    I can hopefully get a pic tomorrow, too much of a rush today to snap one

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    What trailer manufacturer?

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    Trailer uprights for bunks....breaking at welds

    That sucks. I’ve had quite a few issues with mine, so I was just curious. Luckily the frame itself on mine seems pretty solid. I’ll watch for those pictures, It seems pretty crazy that it would break there. Are you driving road where there is a bunch of bounce? Seems like something like that could cause issues.

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    Live in Arizona and any which local lake is at minimum a 45min drive. Roads arent terrible....but could always be better.

    I noticed it just as I was dropping off the trailer to get the oil bath hubs swapped over to greased bearings. Went to do a look over on the trailer to take note of condition and bam... coating is flaking off in an weird spot, well damn....cracked.

    This is going to need to be addressed, more difficult part is taking the trailer in without the boat on it. Going to see what can just be done to beef up all the uprights.

    ....then still need to sit down and plan my home made "stabilizer" in an effort to minimize trailer sway on the rack.

    Wont be able to snag pics until tomorrow
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    Where the blue line is, that's where the "welds" broke. Separation from the trailer. Few of the uprights were able to get addressed, just need to figure out logistics to get the rest of them addressed.
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