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Thread: 05 24v hull leak

  1. 05 24v hull leak

    Hi Everyone

    I had my new boat in the water today for the first time. Went very well but I have a couple of concerns.

    I could hear a water trickle sound somewhere back near the engine when it wasn’t running. I am pretty sure the plug at the back was working well. The bilge pump had no problem keeping up to the leak. Any ideas where to start looking for the leak?

    Also, the oil pressure gauge would periodically drop back to the far left like there wasn’t even power to the gauge and then would pop back up. I guess I will start checking connections on this one. Anyone seen this one?


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    Check the drive shaft seal for your leak.
    Oil pressure gauge could be a sender or the gauge. Remove and clean connections at the gauge then trace the ground and verify tight and clean. If no effect order a new sender, they are pretty cheap.

  3. Does anyone have a part number for the replacement seal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kellyrmartin View Post
    Does anyone have a part number for the replacement seal?

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    Depends on which type of seal you have. If it's a dripless, I'd replace it with a positive water pressure seal from PYI:

    I installed one of these over the winter in my boat. I also discovered the factory thru hull fittings for my ballast tank hoses had very minimal 5200 seal on them, and they were easy to unscrew by hand. I think I had some leakage from them too.
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