Purchased a 2006 24Ve a couple of months ago and have only been able to take out a couple of times (we have serious flooding in Oklahoma). I love the boat and am just getting back into boating so could use some help.

Two weeks ago I experienced limp mode but wasn't aware what it was at the time so trailered the boat and brought it home. Did a lot of research on the forum and took the boat out again this weekend. I experienced limp mode again but was armed with some knowledge so knew more of what to look for.

I had installed a dual bank charger a week ago so both batteries were fully charged before we headed out this weekend (I verified voltage at both batteries with a volt meter before we headed out - both read about 12.6V).

The boat ran fine for about 1.5 hours and then went into limp mode. I was able to clear the alarm by restarting the boat but over the next half hour or so it progressively got worse to the point that it would not clear. Had to limp the boat back to the ramp.

I noticed at idle the voltage gauge on the dash would flutter and if it dropped to about 11V the alarm would sound and boat would enter limp mode. If I could throttle up before boat entered limp mode, voltage gauge on dash read about 14V and boat ran fine as long as we continued operating.

The boat has a dual battery system which I am certain was installed by the previous owner and I'm not sure it is wired correctly. I was running on Battery #2 and ran fine for about 1.5 hours. I tried switching to battery #1 and then tried switching to both batteries. None of this helped the problem. After trailering the boat I checked voltage at both batteries. One battery read 13.6V, the other read about 12.5V. The batteries are not the same (one is cranking, one is deep cycle).

I dropped the boat off yesterday at our local Tige dealer but wanted to also get you guys' opinion. From what I read these things can be hard to diagnose and they aren't unique to Tige (I read about problems on Malibu, Nautique, and Mastercraft).

1. Does the sequence of events I described sound like the voltage difference I have read so much about between the ECM and throttle?
2. Does this sound like an alternator problem? Why only reading 11V at idle? Why did switching to the other battery not temporarily correct the problem?
3. Could having two different types of batteries contribute to this problem?
4. Assuming the alternator is good, would going back to a one battery system correct the problem (is the difference in voltage between the two batteries a problem)?

Thanks in advance for any guidance or suggestions.