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Thread: Question on Slalom with 08-RZ2

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    Question on Slalom with 08-RZ2

    My Daughter has gotten into doing a little Slalom skiing. I understand my boat RZ2 was not designed for that really. Was wanting anyone knowledge of how they set theirs up? Do you weight the front down?

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    Tiges tend to like a little bow weight in the front to soften the wake. 100-200lbs in the front and TAPS at 2 usually tend to work decent.

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    I don’t have any experience with the RZ2...but I do with the Z3. In the end, it came down to just having a couple of people in the boat for the best slalom wake. With 6-8 people in the boat and a full tank, it was a brick wall. With 2-3 people in the boat and a quarter tank it was a fun ramp. I’m guessing the RZ2 will be similar.

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    my old 22ve- same basic hull- got much better slalom reviews than my buddies mondo. we found, as bakes mentioned, less people in the boat and no ballast weight(we always had 2/3-3/4 tank of gas). it still has a couple humps to get over but the guy skiing- id say and 9 out of 10 skier- said it was better than some boats. he skied at 35-36 and did some crazy fast cutting.

    that hull is no boomerang but it'll do.
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