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Thread: Boatmate Intensity Lighting troubles

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    Quote Originally Posted by e4nash View Post
    I can’t get mine to turn on at all. I have followed the steps according to the instructions they provided. Boatmate said my Float switch may be bad but that doesn’t make sense because if they worked they should be able to turn on in the always on configuration as that has nothing to do with the float switch. I have tried with the lights on, in the water, out of the water, two fingers on the switch...nothing. My truck is a 2018 new truck so it shouldn’t be a wiring problem.

    It’s really aggravating because all I wanted was straight up runway lights but apparently this was the only way to get them. They over complicated this big time I think.

    My understanding of the instructions leads me to believe why yours changes to white. Probably the theme that you set for the runways, as those are separate from the always on configuration color.

    My service guy at our dealership will figure it out. Anything I find out I will post here and on the FB page.

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    Good luck!

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    Without knowing the setup, but feeling like I understand it, from this thread, can you bypass the float switch, even if just for a test? It may be leaving the whole circuit open, if it is bad. Just a thought, you may not even want to mess with it.

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    Fixed it!

    Cause was a broken pin in the wiring harness...

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    Nice dude! Glad you got to the bottom of it!

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